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NEW BOOK The Swedish Vallhund
By Jacqui Bayliss, breed specialist

Successful breeder and exhibitor Breed historian and international judge of almost Thirty Four years.

The original book of just 60 copies by Ralph Wilkes was printed in 1986 Jacqui made a promise before his death to re write his book and include his beautiful paintings and drawings and genetic charts. Some 16 years later, so much more information has been learnt and gained and the masses of pictorial data collected and many photos taken by Jacqui Bayliss since 1981, when she first became interested in the breed’s history and joined Ralph Wilkes as a breed historian. Jacqui soon found she had ‘an eye’ for a dog. More >>

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Readers' Comments:

> Congratulations on producing such a splendid volume.
> What an awesome book it was worth every penny!
> Really thrilled about both the book and the DVD ....
> The book is wonderful, I have goose pimples on my arms!!!
> Great balance of fact and fun, very informative.
> We love the book, terrific, the DVD is great.....

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