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A Study of the Swedish Vallhund (Västgötaspets)
A Pictorial History - Owners’ Hand Book
By Jacqui Bayliss

The book is in full colour with almost 600 images, including beautiful artwork, amazing photographic studies, a full in depth illustrated breed standard, with superb anatomical drawings.

The history of the breed around the world though the decades, interviews of early breeders. To really give a view of the breed through the years, which will aid enthusiasts to gain knowledge of this ancient Swedish versatile breed and its breed lines.

The book is an owners’ hand book and contains a full and in depth illustrated breed standard. Art work commissioned for the book and does not contain ‘adapted’ drawings. Each work has been bespoke for this very special book. In full colour, a pictorial history of countries worldwide told by the people who were there at their breeds beginning. Highlighting Dogs of Note.

Some photographs have never been made public before giving a glance into the early years of the breed’s resurrection. Featuring dogs and their pedigree’s from around the world from the 1940s right to the present day. This is a ‘ must have’ book for owners old and new and a guide for judges to gain a real ‘In depth’ knowledge of the subject they may be judging or breeding in the future. A DVD is also available showing how versatile this breed really is. You can order your copy with the book.

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