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Received the book! Thank you so much. Congratulations on producing such a splendid volume. Clearly we have not had time to read it properly but first impressions are of an impressive book. We particularly like the beautiful line drawings. Best wishes.

Mavis & John. UK

I just wanted to say what an awesome book it was worth every penny! I love the fact you have included other people's dogs not just your own and I can trace my dogs pedigree's via the pictures and see just what they have thrown to. This something I have always wanted to do but found it difficult, not any more! A huge pat on the back to you, you have done a terrific job and given a much needed different point of view especially regarding the heads!

Natalie, New Zealand

Really thrilled about both the book and the DVD (dog dancing and herding especially) some beautiful drawings. Thank you.

H Neilson –Denmark

And Jacqui ....the book is wonderful, I have goose pimples on my arms!!!

A Andersson Sweden

It’s a beautiful book, It made me cry to see my Clara’s head study there.

B Hammarstrom Sweden

It is the best book on any breed, I have ever bought.

B Connor USA

Thanks for all the work you put in for our breed. It’s full of super information and the drawings show the Vallhund as it should be. The photo’s as well as the paintings are so wonderful. Beautiful work, well done.

Chrissy UK

Thanks Jacqui for my book, my children and I love it and Ralph would have loved it too.

Connie Smith (nee Wilkes) UK

I have learnt so much about this breed that I feel I know all about The Swedish Vallhund which of course is not the case, however you have struck the great balance of fact and fun, very informative.

O. Norman UK

We love the book, terrific, the DVD is great, Dennis was amazed at the working tasks and the he loved the dancing Vallhunds.

S Haddon Ireland

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